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Love and care when you're not there

Our feline guests have plenty of room for exercise and play in their respective spacious suites.


Every suite has a full-width sun shelf that looks out onto the farm's grazing paddocks for our alpacas, ponies, pigs and free-range chickens.

Cat Housing in Kent

Thermostatically controlled heaters ensure the comfort of our guests. Because the sleeping area is slightly raised with quality under-floor insulation, winters are warm and summers are cool. Suites can be adapted for guests that must be restricted from climbing due to age, health or other reasons.

  • Light, bright, spacious and secure

  • Full height suites

  • Spacious play/exercise area

  • Individually heated suites

  • Licensed and insured

  • Personal items (please see terms and conditions)

Open spaces

The accommodation we offer is secure, dry, warm and draft-free. Call us on

01233 750 528

Complete comfort

Court Farm Cattery is run by dedicated individuals who have more than 30 years of experience in providing quality animal care.


Set in idyllic rural surroundings, we offer a tranquil space for our feline guests to relax.

Impeccable standards

Specially designed for cats:

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